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Summer Slip and Fall Prevention Tips

Jun 10, 2015
Summer is in full swing here in Atlanta which means Independence Day is coming with a weekend of warm and relaxing parties with family and friends. Although it may be...

GM Recalls, Auto Accidents, and Product Liability: What You Need to Know

Jun 10, 2015
If you have been following the news out of Detroit, then you know that General Motors is in the midst of one of the biggest product recalls in the history...

Understanding Atlanta Pedestrian Laws

Jun 10, 2015
Being a pedestrian in Atlanta can be a bit scary and if you’ve ever been hit by car, or suffered an injury as a result of being on foot, then...

Why Bike Helmets are Important

Jun 10, 2015
Riding a bike is a great form of transportation. This is especially true if you live in a densely populated urban area where driving may be next to impossible and...

Halloween Increases Need for Personal Injury Attorneys

Oct 31, 2014
Even though Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for most children, it is also the most hazardous according to statistics. For any injury that comes about you will definitely...
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