Is there a time limit after my accident in which I can hire a Personal Injury Attorney to represent me?
For all personal injuries and wrongful death claims, Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the car accident. However, there are some exceptions. Click here find out more information on Georgia’s statute of limitations.

Is Georgia a No-Fault state?
Georgia is a “At Fault” state. This means that all drivers involved in car accidents in the state of Georgia who seek compensation for their injuries and property damages and possible loss of income while they recover from their injuries must prove the car accident was caused by the other party involved. “At Fault” law makes it critically important that the car accident attorney you hire to represent you and fight for you is vastly knowledgeable and experienced in the complexities of ‘at fault’ claims.

What are Georgia’s Negligence Laws?
Negligence is almost the fundamental legal basis for claiming personal injury. Under Georgia Law, negligence is cited when a person is injured due to the failure of another person not exercising a certain standard of care and level of reasonable caution. But Georgia is also a “comparative fault” state; meaning Georgia negligence law does allows for individuals to collect monies for damage even if they themselves were partially responsible for causing the car accident. The term comparative is used to adjust what percentage of fault each party contributed to causing the car accident. To take the correct legal action to bring a successful result in a lawsuit claiming negligence on the part of the other person involved in your car accident requires hiring an experienced and passionate auto accident attorney to represent your case in court.

What conditions must be met to claim negligence?
To reach a guilty verdict in a negligence case requires that different factors must be proven. In a court of law the facts of a negligence case must be supported through testimony and evidence. It takes a skilled car accident attorney to compile all the elements of your case and then advise if asking for compensation for your damages to property and personal injuries are strengthened and validated by the circumstances of your case.

Do Georgia car insurance laws have a minimum on liability insurance?
For property damage the liability minimum coverage is $25,000.
Minimum coverage for bodily injury per person is $25,000.
For injuries or death of two people minimum coverage goes up to $50,000.

What is the average time in Georgia to settle a car accidents claim?
This is a question that cannot be answered. There is no average time as every car accident claim varies individually in terms of damages and personal injuries. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, the variables such as the loss of property, loss of income, medical bills and the physical and mental pain and suffering incurred from bodily injuries can will require the expertise of an auto accident lawyer to assess and evaluate for proper compensation.

What kinds of personal injury damages can I claim in Georgia?
There are two distinct types of damages. One relates to medical costs, loss of earnings, medical equipment expenses if necessary, loss of property. The second relates to pain and suffering. The anxiety and anguish as a result of bodily injury. This hidden burden is oftentimes powerfully detrimental to your mental health and breeds insomnia, depression, panic attacks and can severely impact on your daily life and the life of those closest to you.

How do Georgia courts provide for pain and suffering?
Georgia treats pain and suffering as acute emotional and physical trauma. The distress caused to an individual even after a minor car accident can be mentally draining. If bodily injuries are sustained that require hospitalization and then after that, rehabilitation therapy, the medical costs keep piling up. The inconvenience and possible loss of income only adds to that individual’s stress and anxiety and can even enhance the pain felt from a physical impairment. These factors are all evaluated when compensation is being assessed.

Does Georgia have a cap on pain and suffering damages?
Georgia does not have a cap on awarded damages for an individual’s pain and suffering.
As the underlying cause of an individual’s pain and suffering stems not just from the physical pain of one’s injuries, but from the emotional distress, thoughts and stress that are directly associated and connected to the after effects of experiencing the trauma of the car crash and the financial and physical hardships that may follow, the amount of compensation an individual receives for pain and suffering is often a testament to the expertise of your personal injury lawyer and his or her ability to formulate and articulate the most compelling case to a jury.

How do I know if I have a good case to sue?
There are many questions to consider before filing a lawsuit. The reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is to help you untangle the complexities of auto accident laws and guide you to make a sound judgment on whether or not your case meets the criteria for you to recover compensation. I am an car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with many years of experience. Injuries suffered from car accidents can forever change a person’s life. If you have suffered life-altering or catastrophic injuries from an auto accident, contact my office today for a FREE consultation and review of your case.